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"A real real talent"      

Isaac Stern

(c) Andrej Grilc


"Louise Chisson and Tamara Atschba have been active for 13 years as one of the best duos for violin and piano."



                               "They keep the listeners spellbound with their demanding playing until the very last note."



Uwe Krusch

Louise Chisson Tamara Atschba CD 2021 20th Century Feminine
Louise Chisson Diapason d'or 20th century Feminine

Wolfgang Marschner



"A great technique, a beautiful sound and personality;

an excellent violin playing"



"On Friday night the entire public was under the charm of the violinist Louise Chisson who gave a performance of great finesse of the Brahms violin concerto."




La violoniste française Louise Chisson signe un premier disque qui révèle une personnalité raffinée. La justesse du goût et l'absence d'effet séduisent autant que la parfaite maîtrise instrumentale.

- 4 diapasons / Diapason, Mai 2013


(Jean-Michel Molkhou) 

This duo is in my eyes not less than a sensation!


Rainer Aschemeier

   "I must admit that, astonishingly her style does remind highly of the art of David Oistrakh.”


The Listener

J.S.Bach - Sonata n°3 for solo violin, C Major - AdagioLouise Chisson
00:00 / 01:04
C.Saint-Saens/E.Ysaye - Caprice after a study in a form of a WalzChisson&Atschba
00:00 / 01:04
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